About Us

We work with a purpose.


We provide IT solutions that help people cultivate the potential of the world to do good.

Our Vision

To be a world-class IT solutions provider that creates opportunities in doing good work that cultivates the world.

About the Team



Chief Executive Officer
Pyl is the founder of RightValley. He loves solving people's problems through technology. He has worked directly with multi-national business owners over the years. Pyl learned what works and now wants to use his talents to serve through RightValley.

In his spare time Pyl loves to daydream about the future.


Chief Operating Officer
Eli is one of the co-owners of RightValley. She loves to serve by designing systems that match what our clients need. She identifies these by use of various flow charts, and she carries it to completion from start to finish by managing the projects and the company.

Aside from managing, Eli loves to compose songs and go on adventurous trips.


Senior Creative Designer
Elaine loves photography, typography, and creating modern minimalist artworks. She uses her talents to serve by creating modern designs for websites and mobile apps.

Aside from art, she loves reading books and spending play time with her son.


Senior Software Developer
Gene is a seasoned web developer. He is masterful in creating websites from the ground up, utilizing various technologies using PHP and Javascript, just to name a few.

Gene is also a talented musician, with guitar as his instrument of choice.


Software Developer Associate
Knowledge is power. And to Joshua, that’s one piece of a puzzle to enjoy life. He uses his technological expertise by serving our clients, whether it be their need for web or mobile app development.

Aside from programming, Joshua loves coffee!


Software Developer Associate
Cary expedites the development process of our client’s web and mobile app projects with his proficiency in Javascript, Python, and Flutter.

Cary is a scholar and a consistent Dean’s Lister who also loves to play video games in his spare time.


Mobile App Developer
When our clients need mobile apps, Jerome is our go-to person, and he builds modern apps for both Android and iOS using Flutter. Jerome doesn't just follow the bare minimum work, he is usually ahead of work to suggest solutions and go beyond what is required to build fantastic apps for our clients.

Jerome likes to write scripts to improve his workflow, and also has won a championship and runner-up place in various hackathon competitions.


Junior Software Developer
King is an electronics engineer turned software developer. She helps the team build websites and web apps using PHP and Python and other web technologies. She loves to see code turn to working output and uses her engineering skills to find solutions to problems.

On a lighter side, she loves dancing especially when she's still a kid.